10 Reasons to Give an Experience as a Gift (2023)

Need some inspiration when it comes to upping your gift-giving game this year? Whether you're shopping for a birthday gift with a difference or looking for that perfect Christmas present, opting for something unique like agift experience cardis the perfect way to put a smile on their face this 2022!

Let us convince you that no material present on earth can come close to an experience as a gift. That’s right — we wholeheartedly believe gift experiences and wonderful memories are far more important than a new iPhone or a snazzy watch.

So instead of a materialistic present this year, why not switch it up and give out some experience gifts to your loved ones? From DIY crafts to watercolour paint sets and cocktail making at home, surprise them with something they'll remember forever instead of something to own.

Here are our top 10reasons why you should give an experience as a gift this year:

10 Reasons to Give an Experience as a Gift (1)

1. They are fun things to do at home

Ever left wondering what to do when bored at home? Whether the rain is getting in your way or you don't feel like changing out of your pyjamas, we all have those days where we want to stay inside. If your favourite guy or gal is a bit of a homebody, why not make staying in the new going out and treat them to a virtual craft class or DIY craft kit for their special day? They'll be able to keep cosy, get creative and learn impressive new skills — it's a win, win, win!

Our activity gifts give your friends and family indoor activities they can experience from the comfort of their own four walls! From an art class online or a virtual cooking class to a wreath making kit, there are so many ways to make staying in way more fun than going out.

2. Experience gifts are more ethical, eco-friendly and sustainable

A shameful amount of wrapping paper, unwanted presents and crumpled cards end up in our landfill every year, so why not limit your contribution to mass consumption and instead opt for gift experiences instead? They don’t need wrapping, are super unique and fun, and you can even choose a sustainable experience or craft like a floristry course or soy candle making kit. If you're shopping for a planet-loving pal, they're sure to love this eco–friendly option!

If you book your experience gifts with ClassBento, you’ll be supporting local artists, teachers and craftspeople, and a donation is made to Mental Health UK with every paid booking. So whether it's Christmas gifts, birthday ideas, or an anniversary experience day for you and your partner, it'll also be a positive contribution to society as well!

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3. An experience gift can reduce stress

Are you looking for fun gifts for him that will help blow off a bit of steam, a festive gift for them or meaningful gifts for her that will help her unwind and soothe her mind?

Getting stuck into a crafty DIY activity as an adult is a perfect way to relax — creativity has been shown to improve mental health and well-being, even if it's just a short session. That’s right — just 45 minutes of an online pottery class or weaving workshop could lower stress levels and improve your mood. Or, use a painting class online and paint and sip as a little art therapy when things get demanding.

So if you have a stressed-out uncle or an overworked mother, give them an experience where they can switch off and learn new DIY crafts or depending on the severity of the stress, a few cocktails kit might be in order.

4. Virtual experiences are not materialistic

If you have a friend or family member who has everything money can buy or lacks interest in material goods, an online class or one of our DIY kits could be one of the best things to do at home for them.

Who has more space for clutter? That's why a gift experience is ideal for those who love minimalism. Some classes will leave you with something that needs no shelf space, like full bellies, satisfied minds, and wonderful memories. You might leave a workshop with an item, but it will be super meaningful and worth the room it takes up, like homemade candles, DIY macrame wall hangings, or a piece of beautiful art.

5. Learn some DIY crafts or discover a new hobby

So many of us are looking for creative things to do when bored these days. That’s why giving the gift of a potential hobby is a way to keep your gift receiver entertained for months, maybe even years to come. Not only will they get to spend a happy few hours cooking or crafting up a storm, but they'll also take away the skills they need to carry on their creative adventure in the future. So, whether they're whipping up handmade fresh pasta or creating homemade soy candles, you'll be giving them a gift that enriches their life forever!

Plus, you’ll always be known as the person who introduced them to their love of lettering art from a calligraphy class or their obsession with crochet.

Find inspiration to help planexperience days for him.

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6. Gift experience days are fun!

Trying something that you’ve never done before, like learning how to sew or making your own DIY terrarium, is quite simply, fun! Not only are you picking up some new skills and becoming more well rounded but putting some time aside to play and have fun which, even as an adult, has a multitude of benefits. From improved mental health to curing boredom and restlessness, a DIY experience is a great way to let your hair down and have some good old-fashioned fun!

7. Make memories with experience presents

When you’re looking back on your wonderful life — what do you think you’ll remember? That new game console or the time you and your family got together and did a workshop experience, laughed and discovered a lifelong interest?

Don’t get us wrong, a new game console is a great gift, but we believe gift experiences have the power to create lasting loving memories — and not everyone can shell out for a Nintendo Switch! The joy and laughter you share from escaping the screen for a few hours to make gnocchi, whip up dumplings or try a wreath making class could be the one you look back on when you’re older with a comforting smile on your face.

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8. A gift experience is a universal gift

Stuck looking for unique gifts that really show someone you care? A gift experience can be the perfect treat for anyone — no matter their skill level, interests or hobbies.

A DIY pottery workshop, homemade chocolate session or a cooking class online is perfect for men, women, children, and everyone in between. There are so many experiences to choose from — you could even gift experience days such as full-day floristry courses, baking masterclasses or a weekend of learning fabric upholstery.

9. Even your little ones can enjoy learning a new skill!

If you're looking for birthday gift ideas for your kids, why not treat them to one of our fun, child-friendly experience gifts? From hands-oncake decorating classes and terrarium workshops to watercolour painting sessions, our collection of activities has something for everyone. You can even join in and learn how to make Italian pizza for some parent-child bonding or sink your hands into homemade clay for an afternoon of messy fun. It's a brilliant chance to discover a new shared hobby with your child!

10. It could be life-changing

Some things in life are what we consider life-affirming, and we believe that gift experiences have the power to be life-affirming and even life-changing. They can uplift and inspire by helping your loved ones try new things and look at life with a fresh perspective. Choosing an experience as a gift could help them discover a new hobby, passion, obsession or even a new career! If you want to give an unforgettable gift for a special occasion in 2022, then you should definitely consider giving a gift experience. If that doesn’t convince you, then we don’t know what will!

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