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The Best Places to go Clubbing in Toronto

1) Arcane Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (1)

Arcane Torontois located in the heart of the Entertainment District in Toronto. The club has some of the best lighting, sound and visual effects around; it fuses this modern tech with Baroque undertones to provide a unique experience. It stretches over 8,000 square feet, with a 4k display as a backdrop for performers. There is also a separate patio spread over 2,000 square feet; it provides visitiors with some respite from the loud music inside the club. You can either enjoy the nightlife the club has to offer on Friday and Saturday, or you can host private events from Sunday to Thursday. Just dress nice and get ready to have the time of your life.

2) Cake Nightclub Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (2)

Cake Nightclub Toronto does its best to be anything but pretentious. It does so with two levels of the club, each with their own unique sound and style. There are also multiple private VIP booths so you and your friends can have some privacy. The state-of-the-art sound and light system makes the club come alive, while the impeccable service makes sure you have what you need throughout the night. You can dress casually to enter the club, but make sure you don’t wear any kind of sportswear.

3) Coda Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (3)

Coda Toronto offers its guests a wide range of musical and cultural experiences, making sure there’s something for everyone. The club aims to take the expectations of nightlife and not only engage with them, but also evolve and exceed them. You are sure to leave with some unique memories when you party it up at Coda; the EDM music and the young, stylish crowd will make these memories worth cherishing forever.

4) Cube Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (4)

Cube Toronto has created a masterpiece of sophistication by bringing together brilliant art, design and mood. The inspiration behind the design? Evening mischief. The sound of the club, provided by premier international DJ’s, sets the stage for a night of revelry unlike any other. The dance floor is made even more exciting with state-of-the-art sound system. The light washing over everyone from the massive LED sets a fun mood. If you know how to dress in style, and you’re ready for some top 40 and Hip Hop music for your night, then Cube is where you need to be.

5) Fiction Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (5)

Fiction Torontoyou can experience it for yourself at the Fiction nightclub. Open Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the club prides itself on blurring the lines of reality. You can dance the night away to everything from Latin and Spanish music to the top 40, Hip Hop and Dance Anthems. All you have to do is follow the style code, so no baggy jeans or sportswear. After that, get ready to have the time of your fictional life dancefloor. Moreover, the club remains open from Wednesdays to Saturdays. Lastly, the music played in this club ranges from DJ nights and their mixes, chart-toppers, as well as performances by local and international artists.

6) Juliet Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (6)

Juliet Torontois the place to be. One of the newest nightlife destinations in Toronto, on King West, Juliet is where love, romance and fantasy meet. The club is decorated with sensual art that sets the stage for your story; with the best music to match the tale. If you’re above the age of 21 and have some stylish clothes to rock, you’ll fit right in. So, make sure your Fridays and Saturdays are free during your next club crawl; Juliet will have its doors open for you.

7) Luxy Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (7)

Luxy Toronto club is the biggest, most spectacular nightclub of the city. Some might even say that it’s one of the best nightclubs in the whole country. The dance floor is lit up with multi-dimensional lighting effects, along with stunning décor; all of it provides you with an amazing, unique experience. The club is open every Friday and Saturday and fills each night with interactive events that will dazzle you and keep you entertained throughout your visit. Make sure you’re dressed stylishly so you can dance to the best hip hop, reggae, trap and soca music.

8) Rebel Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (8)

Rebel Toronto is trying to disrupt and set a new standard for Toronto’s nightlife. The club stretches over 45,000 square feet with a stage that measures 65 feet. The design of the club is striking, to say the least. The immersive lights and sounds make the club come alive like none other. There are also interactive performances, video productions, storytelling and theatrical lighting; all of these provide the guests with something unique and exciting. So dress with style and be prepared to have the time of your life every Saturday, with top 40, R&B, hip hop, soca and live music in the background.

9) Wildflower Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (9)

Wildflower Torontois located inside the beautiful Thompson Hotel. The club wants to do something unique for its prestigious clientele; modern nightlife, flawless service and a creative design makes the club perfect for people who are tired of the ordinary. The club also features some of the best contemporary art and design installations. Music from some of the top DJ’s from North America is the backdrop to the creative scene. So dress with style and join the more mature crowd of the city; you can’t go wrong with a night spent at Wildflower.

10) Early Mercy Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (10)

Early Mercy Toronto , you will now have all of that and more under one roof. The club has a space of 3,500 square feet with a huge patio that faces the King Street. State-of-the-art sound system and lighting helps the club set the stage for a nice night out. The Hip Hop and Rock/Alternative music sets the mood for a night of fun, while the drinks make sure the fun never stops. All you have to do is dress with style and have an appetite for good food, delicious drinks and rocking beats.

11) EFS Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (11)

EFS Toronto is one of the club in the city of Montreal.

12) Toybox Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (12)

Toybox Toronto

13) Lost and Found Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (13)

Lost and Found Toronto

14) Everleigh Toronto

Best Nightclubs in Toronto [2022 December Update] (14)

Everleigh Toronto

Video To Watch To Discover

What do you wear to clubs in Toronto?

Gentlemen are required to wear a suit or a tailored blazer or tailored jacket and dress trousers with a collared dress shirt, socks and dress shoes. Ties for gentlemen are optional. Ladies are required to wear a tailored dress or suit, or a tailored skirt or pants with a dress blouse or sweater, and dress shoes.

How old do you need to be to get into a club in Toronto?

What’s the minimum age to enter a nightclub in Toronto? Since a person younger than 19 years can’t buy alcohol, the norm for entering a nightclub in Toronto is19 years old or older

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