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COMPLETE EAVESTROUGHING AND ROOFING SERVICES IN TORONTO, SPECIALIZES IN:Eavestrough/Gutter RoofCleaning,Inspections Repairs,Downspout/Downpipe Disconnection,Leafguards and Roof Repairs .COMPLETE EAVESTROUGHING AND ROOFING SERVICES (since 1990)ISTORONTO'SBEST Choice for Eavestrough/Gutter Cleaning, Repairs, Leaf Guard Systems & Custom Seamless Replacement Eavestrough


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FOLLOWING THE CORRECT PRINCIPLES FOR REPAIRS TO DOWNSPOUTS/DOWNPIPES AND DISCONNECTION WHERE NECESSARY IS THE KEY TO PREVENTING WET BASEMENTS AND FLOODING OF YOUR HOME.(ENLARGING,RE-ROUTING,POSITIONING, EXTENDING AND NUMBER) are very important.Complete Eavestroughing and RoofingServices in Toronto has theexpertise in providing downspout/downpipe repair services.When it comes to Downpipe Repairs and the Downpipe Disconnection ProgramIn Toronto,it is critical that only a trained professional do this disconnection service,such as those who work for COMPLETE EAVESTOUGHING because serious water damage could occur if done incorrectly.

Purposeof theDownspout

Downspouts carry water from roof to ground and away from house. This is important because all the water from a large area (the roof) is collected in the Gutters and then flows down the downspout to create a heavy concentration of water in a small area. Unlike water on a lawn which is distributed evenly,so much concentrationof water can overwhelm a basement wall and easily find it way into the home. The majority of a basement leaks are caused by faulty or incorrectly positioned downspouts.
When rain falls on a lawn or yard, it falls evenly over the whole area and is absorbed by the ground and is usually harmless. When water falls on
a large roof surface, it flows into an eavestrough then through a downspout and then into the ground. Heavily concentrated volume of water flows out the end of a downspout and the size of the opening has a lot to do with the pressure inside the downspout .If the downspout is clogged or too small, In heavy rains this is like having a fire hose empting near a house.
It should be no surprise that faulty downspouts are the major cause of wet basements ,mould formation,ceiling damage,landscape washouts,cracks in the wall and foundation ,brick stains,patio and driveway damage ,ice dam formation and other damage to the structure and foundation of your home.


Downspouts should be large enough to carry water and not plug up or ice up large (3x3 or 3x4) downspouts are of one the best choice.
Downspouts must always have a slope at all section or joints or water can back up and spill out. Use only small (3/8``) metal screw or rivets to join. Longer screws can trap debris causing back up. Use enough screw for solid installation. Firmly attach to walls by using downpipe straps and have it secured by wood screws. For securing to brick use plugs and screws.

At bottom of downspout install a section to lead water away from house. This section (called u kickout) can be a piece of downspout or flexible plastic hose. For walkways hinged flip up or roll up devices can also be used. For long kickouts with more than one pipe put support under the sections or attach to something solid(such as the side of a fence or deck.

A small circular piece (called and outlet) must be used to solidly join the eavestrough to the downspout to the downspout. This outlet is thin sealed it has to be watertight.
Top sections of downspout always fit into bottom sections. If it`s donein reverse the downspout will leak.

Elbows are used to go around obstacles or sections of the house. Use as few elbows as possible the more elbow used the greater chance of clogs and water backup.
Fit sections of downspouts together properly. Sections should only go a couple of inches into each other. Shoving sections in more than this can collapse and narrow pipes.

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Color match downpipes to eavestrough. If running across roof color match this section to shingles
In general avoid letting downpipes empty across a roof as this wears out shingles. Lead downpipe right into eavestrough. Always use same size of downspouts on any given run.

Leafguards and strainers If adownspout leads into pipe going underground to thesewer or weeping tiles, ensure debris doesn’t enter. Use strainer at top of downspout or install leadguards over entire section of eavestrough. A new type of strainer is also available which fits into a downpipe at ground level and avoids having to go up on a ladder to clean debris from strainer.


The number of downspouts that need to be installed -is usually one for every 25-30 ft of eavestrough, depending on water volume sometimes more is needed due to building design. Slope eavestrough towards downspout at least 1 inch slope for every 20 ft of eavestrough run.
Too few can result in water backup. If running onto lawns too much water at one place can cause ground erosion or kill grass and plants. Drill a
series of small holes at bottom of the last few feet of downspout running across lawn to disperse water evenly.


Plan downspouts so not to look like eyesores, avoid front of house if possible or place downspout and kickouts behind trees and plants or in corners where they won’t stick out.
Place downspouts where the bottom can lead water away from house. Try to avoid areas where people will walk on or trip over downspout. Avoid
driveways or walkways as water from downspout can freeze and become hazardous in the winter. Place where ground slopes away from house, not toward house. If possible run downspout 8-10 feet away from house at bottom
If a deck is in the path of a downspout the spout can either be routed along the side of the deck or under the deck. A neat hole must be cut at
edge where the deck meets house.
If possible avoid placing downspout in shade if roof above is in sunlight in winter.
This can result in snow melting off roof, entering downspout and freezing and splitting
If downspouts lead into a pipe going underground they should be disconnected and brought above ground .
Downpipes leading into clay tiles
(usually red cement pipes leading underground) are especially troublesome. Especially in older homes and if section above ground starts crumbling, this usually indicates section below grounds is also crumbling
If no other option is available to lead away from the house dig a shallow trench and run a length of flex hose a few inches below ground and
cover with earth or grass. The other end of the flexhose can then drain on to the lawn 10 or 15 ft from the house. The end can either be fitted with a cap or the top of the pipe can stick up an inch or two above the grass and drain onto the lawn.
Rain barrels can be used to collect rainwater. Place barrels where they will not obstruct peoples movement. Use a diverter, a device that allows
water to flow either into barrel or on ground with the moving of a small handle at front of the diverter. Tree roots can grow into and break clay tiles. Plastic plumbing pipes in newer homes are generally much stronger and not so much of a worry.


If a downspout is properly installed,ie;the correct size,number and securely attached it should be fairly maintenance free.
Unclogging downspouts; most clogged downspouts are clogged at the elbows, whether due to an object lodging in the elbow or a build-up of debris(leaves,twigs,branches ) Sometimes an object gets struck and debris then collects around it, screws which are too long are used to fasten thepipe, and debris collects and builds up around these.

How to unclog a Downspout-Tap the downspout with a hand or soft object, use plumbing snakes or hose. Take apart and clean each part thoroughly.

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City of Toronto New Bylaw of Downspout Disconnection


If you are unfamiliar with this new law, please read on for details.


Downspout Disconnect Program-City Of Tornto By -Law

The City of Toronto has recently passed a new law which requires all city residences to have their downspouts disconnected from the city's drainage system. If your downspout goes directly into a pipe in the ground, it's probably connected to the city's drainage system, and must be disconnected.Improperly planned and installeddownspouts can cause serious damage to the foundation of a home. It is a job best left to a professional. We will send an inspector to your home to determine the best solution for your property, and provide you with a written quote. Our experts will ensure that the work is done neatly and properly.

TIP: This program can actually save you money in the long run if you have us set you up with a rain barrel. If you collect your run-off water in

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a rain barrel, you can use the attached hose to water your lawn, wash your car, etc. This will Save you money and the environment by using

water wisely. Please call us at416-239-3600 for Details.We are here to help.

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding The City Of Tornto's By Law Regarding Mandatory Downspout Disconnection

Q) Why is the city doing this?
A) In short, to protect both the environment and your home. When hundreds of thousands of homes have their downspouts connected to the city's

water system, heavy rains can cause an overload on the system. As a result, backups can cause raw sewage to be pumped into our lakes and rivers.

Serious rainstorms have even resulted in sewage backing up to people's homes.This is a necessary move by the city to protect our homes from

flooding water.

Q) How soon do I need to have this done?
A) There is a 3 year time limit. However, we recommend acting quickly since there is a shortage of qualified professionals available to do this
work. Waiting until the last minute could mean missing the deadline, which means huge fines.

Q)How does disconnecting my downspout help prevent basement flooding?
A)Disconnecting your downspout from the sewer system will help reduce the amount of
stormwater that is sent through the combined sewers. Less stormwater in the system will help
prevent wastewater from backing up through sewer pipes where it can escape through floor into your basement causing massive flooding.

For more information visit toronto.ca/water or call 416-338-8888.

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Is gutter cleaning worth it? ›

Getting your gutters cleaned is a relatively small cost that helps homeowners avoid more costly consequences. If you don't regularly clean your gutters, you risk damage to parts of your home. For starters, clogged gutters can result in water pooling around the roof, which can reduce the lifespan of the gutters.

How much does it cost to clean gutters in Toronto? ›

Gutter Cleaning

Getting the gutters cleaned every year can save you from potential water damage. Based on the size of your house, it may cost you anywhere from $100 to $5,500 to get the gutters cleaned. The average cost is about $400.

When should gutters be cleaned Toronto? ›

It is however recommended that you clean it at least twice a year, once each in the fall and in spring. Professional eavestrough cleaning Toronto companies usually clean the gutters four times a year. This prevents any leaks from forming in the first place.

When should I replace my eavestrough? ›

When is it Time for New Eavestroughs? Most eavestroughs are made from one of three materials: copper, galvanized steel, or aluminium. Galvanized steel and aluminium eavestroughs typically need replacement every 20 years, while copper eavestroughs can last for more than 50 with the right treatment.

What happens if you don't clean your gutters? ›

When you don't clean your gutters, the downspout can get clogged from leaves, debris, or any matter that can wind up there. This blockage then leaves standing water to collect and eventually overflow. Left unattended to, the leaves that clog up your gutter can begin to decompose and eventually rot.

How often do gutters need to be cleaned? ›

How Often Should You Clean Your Gutters? Speaking in general terms, you should make a point of cleaning your gutters at least twice a year. Depending on what sort of foliage you have near your home (such as pine trees), you may want to clean once every three months.

How do professionals clean gutters? ›

Best Way To Professionally Clean Your Gutters With An Exact tools List

How long does it take to clean gutters? ›

An average-size home about 2,000 square feet on a roof maintenance program where gutters are cleaned every year should take about 30 to 45 minutes, depending on how dirty they are. Gutters that haven't been maintained can take up to an hour or an hour and a half.

How much does it cost to clean all windows in a house? ›

Window cleaning cost typically ranges from $149 to $296, with the national average at about $213. As with other house cleaning duties, size is the predominant factor in pricing. The price also depends on the accessibility of the windows, the number of panes, and how dirty they are.

What is the cost of replacing Eavestrough? ›

The cost of materials and installation fees will vary, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $2 to $20 per linear foot for a new gutter system. The most popular choice is aluminum-based systems, which range between $4 to $10 per linear foot.

Are new gutters worth it? ›

When properly functioning, they go a long way toward protecting against rain, the natural enemy of any manmade structure. In the process, gutters prevent a slew of potentially extensive, expensive moisture-related problems, all while remaining largely out of sight and out of mind.

Can Eavestrough be repaired? ›

To fix this leak, you will need to remove the section of gutter that is leaking and replace the gasket. You might be able to find a new gasket at your local hardware store. If not, you might need to contact the manufacturer of the gutters or talk to an eavestrough repair service.

What month should you clean gutters? ›

Whether you hire a professional or take on the task yourself, your gutters should be cleaned at least twice a year, ideally in early spring and early fall. Cleaning out your gutters in early spring will prepare them for the heavy rains that are common during this season.

What is the best cleaner to clean gutters? ›

Highlights. White vinegar, cream of tartar, or dish soap are good DIY gutter cleaners. Use a power washer or scrub brush for caked-on grime. A specialized stain remover can banish black streaks.

How do I know if my gutters are clogged? ›

What Are Some Signs That You Have Clogged Gutters?
  1. Water is Spilling Over the Edges of Your Gutters. ...
  2. Plants Are Growing in Your Gutters. ...
  3. Water is Not Coming Down the Downspout. ...
  4. Your Gutters Are Starting to Sag. ...
  5. Pests Are Hanging Out In or Around Your Gutters. ...
  6. Stain Marks Are Present On the Siding By Your Gutters.
Jul 15, 2021

What is the easiest way to clean gutters? ›

Best Way to Clean Gutters - YouTube

How much does it cost to install gutter guards? ›

How Much Do Gutter Guards Cost? Most homeowners can expect to pay $969 to $1,901 (or $5.75 to $12.25 per linear foot) for professional installation, with an average cost of $1,305. Materials alone typically cost $0.68 to $7.50 per linear foot.

Can I clean my own gutters? ›

To clean gutters by hand, you'll need a ladder, bucket, gutter scoop (or garden trowel), and heavy-duty work gloves. Little by little, take out the leaves and debris, placing what you remove into the bucket. Finally, flush the gutters and downspout with water until you are certain both are functioning correctly.

Why is it important to get your gutters cleaned? ›

Clogged gutters, caused by a build-up of debris, can hamper effective rainwater drainage and long term can cause expensive and preventable damage to your property. Gutter cleaning is the process of removing debris that builds up within the gutters, to ensure the free movement of water into the downpipe.

Can you vacuum out gutters? ›

Believe it or not, you can use a wet/dry vac to make quicker and easier work of the fall maintenance task that homeowners love least—gutter cleaning. A wet-dry vac is a great tool to have—and not just for cleaning up the workshop. They come in handy for those tedious seasonal chores, as well.

How do you vacuum rain gutters? ›



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