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1 F a l l / W i n t e r 2011 | a ii ryz sxeg / ezq Chatter is published by TanenbaumCHAT for alumni, students, parents and friends. Magazine

2 E D I TO R editors Joan Mortimer D E S I G N / L AYO U T Lynn Stanley, Graphic Directions PRINTING Taylor-Demers Note P H OTO G R A P H Y Jordan Dubins Photography Shauna Kipper, TanenbaumCHAT If you have driven down Bathurst Street recently, you may have Joan Mortimer, TanenbaumCHAT spotted current and former TanenbaumCHAT students featured Jeremy Cohen, TanenbaumCHAT in bus shelter ads and the on the electronic sign at Rutherford C H AT T E R Magazine Market Place. The ads were part of I am TanenbaumCHAT a is published through the TanenbaumCHAT full-blown branding campaign launched this fall which resulted Advancement Office and is distributed to in a fresh, vibrant and exciting new look for our school. more than 7,000 TanenbaumCHAT alumni, parents and friends of the school. TanenbaumCHAT has built its reputation as one of the premier Jewish private schools in the world by providing outstanding HoW to reacH Us academics with a unique experience for every student and their TanenbaumCHAT Advancement Office family. After fifty amazing years, which we marked with our Jubilee Frances Bigman, CFRE celebrations, we felt it was time to ensure our official brand Director of Advancement reflected our true identity and communicated our core essence, 416-636-5984 x 230 something with a little more personality. [emailprotected] Laurie Blake I am TanenbaumCHAT is built on six modules which best Major Gifts Manager represent our strengths and the experiences available to each 416-636-5984 x 291 student: Academic; Spiritual; Involved; Creative; Athletic and [emailprotected] Technical. We updated our logos and taglines and implemented Joan Mortimer, B.F.A. this new brand into all our communications vehicles like our Communications Officer website, application packages and publications. In fact, the 416-636-5984 x 354 [emailprotected] articles you will read in this issue of CHATTER and the enclosed Annual Report all relate to these six modules. We hope it will Rebecca Kornblum, M.A. Advancement Associate, Annual Fund offer you a better understanding of how our brand evolved, and 416-636-5984 x 315 how it is not just a new logo or colour palette, but how we live it [emailprotected] each and every day. Heather Gutmann Alumni and Campaigns Associate 416-636-5984 x 333 [emailprotected] Rosemary Tile Admissions/Recruitment Manager [emailprotected] 416-636-5984 x 377 Jill Garazi Admissions & Advancement Coordinator, TCK 905-787-8772 x 2509 [emailprotected] Carly Reed, B.A. Admissions & Advancement Coordinator, TCW 416-636-5984 x 355 i am [emailprotected] Shauna Kipper Advancement Administrator 416-636-5984 x 359 [emailprotected] JoanMortimer FA X 416-636-7717 WEBSITE Cover photo: Alex Maged, Grade 12 TCK Lori Ossip, 11 TCW Melanie Citron, 11 TCW 2 |

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3 i am academic Bogoroch Their staff room, where they work on daughter Samantha, a Scholastic lesson plans, brainstorm with colleagues Award winner. Their eldest child Adam and unwind, was transformed from also attended TanenbaumCHAT and gift to an outdated and uninviting space into a warm and comfortable oasis. The their youngest Matthew is in Grade 10. Faculty Fund revamped room wasnt the work of the The Bogoroch family understood that the teachers are at the heart of a team from Extreme Makeover, but of a helps to happy family who chose to renovate TanenbaumCHAT education. Teachers have a powerful, long-lasting influence beautify the staff room as a way to give back to TanenbaumCHAT. on their students. They directly affect how students learn, what they learn, Staff Room Our staff is thrilled. The room is how much they learn, and the ways { gorgeous! Our teachers love to sink they interact with one another into the new couches and chairs. The and the world around them. Bogoroch family thought of everything How do you say How do you say thank thank you to an right down to the daily newspapers you to an entire school? entire school? which are almost the biggest hit of all, We wanted to think of a way Bogoroch Family said Helen Fox, campus principal. I to thank everyone from the a wonderful surprise. couldnt imagine a better way to thank teachers to the Guidance Department our hardworking staff. to the ladies in the front office. Giving Richard and Melanie Bogoroch wanted them all a beautiful common space to show their appreciation to the faculty was a great option, says the Bogoroch as they celebrated the graduation of their family. Richard & Melanie Bogoroch CHATTER MAGAZINE FALL/WINTER 2011 | 3

4 Jewish education enriched by the Alyce Orzy zl Shabbaton Fund Throughout the s c hool y ear, The success of TanenbaumCHATs Personifying tikkun olam repairing TanenbaumCHAT students embark on Shabbaton Program would not be the world my wifes love for Shabbatonim a three-day possible without the assistance of the children and her belief in the journey incorporating traditional Alyce Orzy zl Shabbaton Fund, which importance of Jewish education celebrations of Shabbat in an is used to directly cover participation resulted in the enhancement of informal and relaxed setting. costs for students needing financial Jewish education beyond that which From a social vantage point, its support. Each year, $5,000 from the normally is available in a small a weekend of camp, where bonding fund enables at least 16 students to community, says Alyces husband and lasting friendships are deepened. participate in a Shabbaton. Alex Orzy. Alyce was very charitable, From a spiritual and religious Alyce was the grandmother of both honourable, always available to perspective, there is a place for every a current TanenbaumCHAT student help when the need arose, and an student of every background, and and a recent graduate. She was born exceptional wife and mother. She the ruach created by this community and raised in Hamilton, Ontario and wasnt just a Jew by fate, but rather a brings everyone together to celebrate grew up in a caring and traditional Jew by faith. Our family wanted to keep their Judaism and Jewish identity. Jewish home. She moved to Kitchener alive our memory of this truly selfless, The sense of community, spiritual to marry her husband, Alex, and, in generous and caring woman and we enrichment and intense feelings of addition to raising three children, honour her by memorializing her belonging draw hundreds of students she was extremely active as a leader name. to our Shabbatonim. in their synagogue and the Kitchener Students partake in many activities Jewish community, including having including traditional services, sing- founded a Hadassah Chapter. a-longs and intellectual discussions with fellow students, madrichim (student leaders) and teachers. Every TanenbaumCHAT student participates in at least one Shabbaton as part of his or her high school experience. Most return having experienced a magical and spiritual journey. i am spiritual 4 |

5 new Parochet for Kimel Family Education Centre A new parochet (curtain in front of the Torah Ark) which says Enlighten Our Eyes in Your Torah, was recently donated to the Zoltan and Yetta Freeman Beit Midrash at the Kimel Family Education Centre by Alan and Rosalie Steinfeld, honouring the memory of Alans family members. Both my parents, who grew The parochet is made of 12 up in chassidish homes, were rectangles of hand-painted silk survivors and had a strong will changeant fabric, silk-screened to have come through the hell in metallic gold pigment and of 1940s Europe. They met and appliqud onto a gold coloured married in Toronto after the war Thai silk background. and shared a common love for We felt that the connection of the land, people and country Torah which was a part of my of Israel, says Alan. His sister parents and my sisters lives Debbie was a graduate of CHAT along with education which has and went on to become a connections in my family made teacher. Her first position was the dedication of the Parochet at at Netivot HaTorah and one TanenbaumCHAT a perfect fit to of her students was Alans honour the memory of my sister own son Zev, who is currently and my parents and to keep it Tanakh department head and alive, adds Alan. a Rabbinics teacher at the Kimel Family Education Centre. Debbies love of education came in part from my mother, an educated and well-read woman. Like my parents, she also had a strong love of Israel and planned to live there one day. i amspiritual * i amspiritual * i amspiritual * i amspiritual * i amspiritual | 5

6 Benji Fages Ben Sterlin, Rachel Goldberg, Amanda Freedman and Josh Moscoe TanenbaumCHAT students hone leadership skills at BBYO TCW Grade 10 students Ben Sterlin, First organized in 1924 as Bnai freedom to be Jews in Canada. We Josh Moscoe, Amanda Freedman and Brith Youth Organization, BBYOs know teens in other countries who say Rachel Goldberg have all been a part programming enables teens to create they are going to a soccer tournament of BBYO since 2010 and see it as a their own meaningful experiences, when they are really going to a BBYO great atmosphere to meet kids from whether they are interested in convention because they cant openly other schools and make their own discovering their Jewish roots, playing admit who they are, explains Josh. mark. Rachel points out that BBYO sports, making new friends, honing Benji Fages, a Grade 11 student at is not what people think of a Jewish their leadership skills, traveling or TCK and a former student council Bnai Brith Youth Organization youth organization. Some people changing the world through activism. representative is also a member of envision that we are all sitting in a J-Serve, the Global Day of Jewish BBYO, and was recently one of three circle, reciting prayers, but it brings Youth Service, is a BBYO-led Canadian teenagers who took part in Jewish kids together through fun and endeavour which brought together BBYO/Panim (a division of BBYO engaging activities, she says. 500 Toronto-area Jewish teens last which provides community service) The teens meet once a week with April. Along with 10,000 other youths One For All: A Jewish Teen Issue Summit their chapters and were recently across North America, 500 Toronto- on Equality in Boston. The summit elected to chapter leadership area teens volunteered for a wide addressed equality issues surrounding positions. You can choose your level spectrum of organizations and causes race, religion, ability, class, gender of involvement, and even though its such as Passover cleaning at local and sexuality. not expected, you want to do more, synagogues, visiting patients at His involvement in BBYO and other explains Ben. He is Chapter Godol Baycrest or selling pins for the interests led him to co-chair of the (president) and Josh is Chapter Mazkir Canadian Cancer Society. In addition Coalition of Jewish Teens (CJT), a new (secretary) of Magen, Amanda is to coming together and helping out national group that brings together Chapter Sganit (vice-president) in the community, BBYO also helps diverse members of North American LChaim Chapter, and Rachel is you become more independent, youth groups. Wed like to create a Regional Morah (new members) of manage your life and grow as a coalition of the leadership from BBYO Lake Ontario Region. Ben, person, says Amanda. different groups, so we can connect Josh and Rachel recently attended The four agree their friendship with Jewish youth regardless of where they the Chapter Leadership Training each other has strengthened because are on the spectrum, he says. Conference (CLTC) at Beber Camp in of BBYO, and all of them have met Interested in joining BBYO? Visit Mukwonago, WI which primes them teens from across the world. We are i am to be chapter leaders. extremely lucky that we have the Involved 6 |

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7 I Am Athletic Student enjoyed active lifestyle at TanenbaumCHAT Although Leorah Klein 11 is featured Council and was eager to try out for as an example of I am Athletic, she as many sports teams as possible, could have just as easily been I am explained her mother Terri Klein 87, Involved, I am Creative, or I am who recently spoke at the TCK Spiritual. Athletics Open House. She had a TanenbaumCHAT has impacted my sport for every season and she made life in a greater way than I ever thought a commitment to attend every possible, says Leorah. Throughout practice and game. many aspects, especially athletics, I Leorah is now in her first year at the University of Western Ontario. She is currently studying kinesiology but she received early acceptance to Ivey School of Business which she will commence in third year. She also plays intramural basketball and volleyball with other TanenbaumCHAT grads. Leorah played on a variety of Junior and Senior teams including basketball, soccer, At the beginning of the school year, parents and new flag football, volleyball and students attended the Athletics Open House at the tennis. Playing on two teams Kimel Family Education Centre, organized by the Athletic per semester not only led to Council, to meet the coaches and members of the Athletic a room full of medals and Faculty and the Athletic Council, watch basketball and was able to enhance my time at high trophies, but built different physical volleyball practice sessions, tour the athletics facilities and skills and character in Leorah. Each learn about athletic opportunities available throughout school by getting involved within the the year. school community, and I was able to year she became more involved in Athletics Open House graduate a more balanced and accom- the Athletic Council and took on plished individual. tasks like helping to organize the As the recipient of the Staff Award banquet. She became co-president in recognition of involvement in in Grade 12. The program includes interscholastic teams, intramurals activities and contribution to school While she was a skilled player, it and Athletic Council. In 2010-2011 367 TCK students spirit and culture, Leorah participated was Leorahs leadership on and off participated in our Athletics program which is an excellent in all aspects of school life, but the court and field that truly made number compared to other York Region schools but one athletics was really her game. Her her a star. She had the unique ability of our goals for this year is to improve our numbers, said passion for sports shone through, to bring out the best in her team- Adam Chaim, Athletics Director. In order for our program mates. Always with a smile on her to be successful we depend on our staff members over whether she was shooting a basketball, 25 to volunteer their time coaching and supervising our running across the field or cheering face, Leorah gave it her all and raised teams. her teammates from the bench. the level of everyone she played The open house featured presentations by the presidents During her four years at Tanen- with. She was a pleasure to coach of Athletic Council, Zach Danilewitz and Miriam Hollend, baumCHAT, Leorah set the intention and it was great watching her develop Terri Klein (mother of Leorah Klein 11 and Andrew Klein, to enjoy all aspects of high school. into a leader within TCK Athletics, Grade 9) and David Kornhauser 11. All the speakers shared In Grade 9 she joined the Athletic says Adam Chaim, Athletics Director. their experiences on how the Athletics program positively impacted their lives. | 7

8 A black box theater is a very simple, unadorned design which makes it an extremely flexible space. As its name suggests, a black box theatre is designed just like a box. The theatre is typically square and painted black a neutral color which will not clash with costumes, sets and lighting. The floor is flat and open, allowing seating to be arranged however desired, and many black box theaters are designed to accommodate risers and platforms to create a raised stage. Rigging is accomplished on girders overhead which can hold set pieces, lighting, curtains and more. What is the Matlow Black Box Theatre? The Matlow Black Box Theatre is more than a black box. Its more than a stage. Its a way to create new experiences for both actor and audience. The Matlow Black Box Theatre will spark the imaginations of both TanenbaumCHAT students and faculty. A black box theatre is capable of endless new configurations, allows for unusual arrangements of seating and stage, which enables people to exercise their creativity and experiment with set design and performance. It can be anything people imagine. The Matlow Black Box Theatre will open January 2012 at the Wallenberg Creative Campus thanks to a generous gift from Leanne and David Matlow. They joined the TanenbaumCHAT family in 2003 when their eldest daughter Naomi entered Grade 9. Their daughter Orli graduated this past spring, and their youngest Yael is currently in Grade 10. Leanne, who has a masters in Special Education, is the vice president of TanenbaumCHATs Board of Directors and former chair of the Education Committee. Today, as chair of the TanenbaumCHAT Together Campaign, I Am Leanne is determined to raise the millions of dollars needed to enhance the Wallenberg campus. The Matlows gift to the school continues the momentum of the exciting redevelopment and will change the face of the drama program. A TanenbaumCHAT education offers it all. We believe that a TanenbaumCHAT student interested in drama should be able to learn and participate in extra curricular activities in a first-rate facility. We are happy to help enhance the Wallenberg Campus in this way, and we look forward to seeing many other important improvements to the facility begin to take shape, says the Matlow Family. 8 |

9 a Gift in Beloved Memory of Lisa-Ann Lauren Posluns zl For the family, friends, colleagues, and enduring. At four years of age, tribute to these life-affirming qualities clients, and teachers who knew and she began piano lessons and quickly and to her love of children, music and continue to love her, Lisa-Ann Lauren advanced to studying and avidly the Jewish community, Lisas family has Posluns (Leah) zl was a loyal, caring, playing the drums and other percussion chosen to honour her blessed memory and deeply giving individual. With her instruments. Even in this area of her through a gift to TanenbaumCHATs heart of gold, sunshine smile, positive young life, Lisa was a leader, as not Performing & Visual Arts Fund, attitude, and wisdom beyond her many girls played the drums in the enhancing the music room with the years, she was truly inspirational and 1970s and '80s. But she loved playing purchase of percussion instruments. a beacon of light to everyone touched the drums above all else, whether As well, her family has established the by her beautiful soul. alone, together with her junior and Lisa-Ann Lauren Posluns Memorial Both in her daily life and in her work senior high school bands, as part of a Endowment Fund, naming the Music as president of Posluns Realty Inc., the quartet, or jamming with her siblings Award for excellence and creativity in company she founded, Lisa embodied and friends. When she sat behind her music at the Wallenberg Campus. the ethical teachings and values of her drum set, sticks in hand, arms rolling, Lisa would be overjoyed to see the Jewish heritage that she had learned she sparkled and breathed life into fine music facilities that TanenbaumCHAT from an early age both at home and at everyone in her midst. has created for its students, and she Associated Hebrew Day School. She On November 2, 2002 (28 Mar would be profoundly moved to know cared deeply about tzedakah, giving Cheshvan 5763), at the age of 38, Lisas that she could lend a hand to helping generously of her time and other life was tragically taken by a repeat students learn, practice, perform, and resources to the numerous causes she violent offender. Lisa was an exemplary love music as much as she did. In this cared about so much. young woman who loved life, had an way, the darkest tragedy can turn to While she was enormously talented inimitable, infectious joie de vivre, and hope, as Lisa's indomitable spirit, in business, Lisa had many interests, touched the hearts of so many people courage and guiding light live on. of which playing and appreciating throughout her life with her deep music was perhaps the most intense kindness and positive, creative spirit. In CHATTER MAGAZINE FALL/WINTER 2011 | 9

10 Alumni A S S O C I AT I O N M E S S A G E F R O M T H E C H A I R S As the chagim just passed it seems appropriate to be a touch reflective. Now that there are two of us in this role, the old and the new have come together to hopefully take the alumni to a whole new level. As they say tovim hashnaim meen haechad. We will continue to work Inaugural Alumni together and foster TanenbaumCHAT Alumni. With this partnership, along with other changes in the Mentorship Network Advancement Office, has come a whole new level of momentum. The Alumni department no longer feels like event a huge success! it is in its infancy stages. Programs are firmly established, From all of us at the Alumni Association, we reunions are consistent and outreach is on the rise. want to say thank you to all of our mentors and People who considered TanenbaumCHAT to be an integral mentees who participated in our first annual part of their lives are now returning to renew the bond. Alumni Mentorship Network event, held As much as the school facilities have changed over the at Scotia Plaza. The evening was generously years some things remain the same TanenbaumCHAT is the foundation of great friendships, life lessons and sponsored by Scotiabank and the Buck Family. superior education. It is our hope that through evenings such as this, May this year take us from strength to strength. our alumni will continue to develop personal Wishing you health, happiness and good times. relationships, share ideas and stay connected. Jen Lev & Lisa Dack We are always looking for continued support and involvement with the Mentorship Program, and encourage you to help spread the word. Thank You! We look forward to seeing you at our next event! Lisa Ain Dack 99, Alumni co-chair, Ben Mogil 91, Mentorship Network chair and Jen Lev 89, Alumni co-chair. Scotiabank Team: Jascha Jabes, Chantal Ohayon, Helene Saban, Irv Handler and Elaine Glatt. 10 | w w w . t a n e n b a u m c h a t . o r g

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11 Battleof theClasses What will you give back? For over 50 years CHAT As alumni, we now stand over 6,100 strong and as we celebrate, students have we turn to you and ask each one of you to support the school exc elled academically and give in the denomination of your year. For example, if you are part of the class of 1989, please give $19.89. We For over 50 years CHAT are tracking donations by graduating classes and we cant h as been a beacon for Jewish wait to see which class will win the B A T T L E O F T H E edu c at ion and leadership CLASSES! If every alumnus participates, we can raise over $100,000! For over 50 years CHAT alumni Help us go from strength to strength. Give generously so A S S O C I AT I O N h as en r ic hed the lives of its that CHAT can remain where its at, for the next 50 years s t u den t s and their families and well beyond! For over 50 years CHAT To donate please go to s t u den ts have given back and click on Battle of the Classes or contact to the community Heather Gutmann at 416-636-5984 ext 333 or [emailprotected] Our reunions for the graduating classes of 2001 u n i o n s and 1986 were a huge success. Seeing old friends re-connect, re reminisce about the past, and catch up on life is not only a recipe for a great night, but speaks to the passion and commitment of our TanenbaumCHAT Alumni. It was also a great opportunity for the Alumni to take a tour of the school, and see the changes that the school has undergone. Thank you to everyone who made these events possible and to everyone who attended. CHATTER MAGAZINE FALL/WINTER 2011 | 11

12 alumni A S S O C I AT I O N Yehezkel Lipinsky 10 ch a t t i n g with our Alumni When Yehezkel took communications technology and media courses in Grades11 and 12, what he learned in class would ignite a passion for digital publishing and social media, but it also helped him to springboard into his career in the not-for-profit sector. A recent graduate of TanenbaumCHAT, Yehezkel is currently studying Arts and Contemporary Studies at Ryerson University in Toronto with a major in Culture Studies and a minor in non-profit management. He is also editor-in-chief of the newly-launched The Jew Do blog ( at UJAs Community Connect, a program geared to match young adults to appropriate volunteer, events, and leadership programs. Yehezkel was one of the most passionate i am and interested students. He had so much initiative and went far beyond the requirements of the projects and took every opportunity to apply what we were doing in class to a real world situation, says Sharon Harding, Yehezkels Technical former teacher. Aside from honing his technical and creative skills in his courses, Yehezkel also learned about magazine production, fundraising and community relations at TanenbaumCHAT through an opportunity to job-shadow Through the blog, Yehezkel aims to Yehezkel acknowledges that digital Frances Bigman, Director of Development engage young Jewish adults through production and how people use technology (now Advancement). Yehezkel first applied this events and topics of interest like Jewish to communicate has completely altered practical experience to revamp newsletters at Toronto fashion designers, artists and how people and organizations communicate. various Toronto synagogues and at Centre jewellery makers to volunteer experiences. Social media outlets like Facebook and Camp using Microsoft Publisher and Adobe Its not only about finding your place in Twitter, and even blogging, have become InDesign. the Jewish community, but also seeing very effective modes of communication I was actually inspired by CHATTER how lifestyle can fit into your volunteer it engages people online, its instantaneous, Magazine, and modeled these newsletters work, he says. The blog also spotlights has the potential to reach millions of after it, Yehezkel explains. They were often unique community members like a people and grow your brand. It is something revamped from black and white photocopies publishing house that creates modern organizations today cannot do without, to full-colour publications, featuring a design siddurim, complete with new fonts, and a he says. TanenbaumCHAT taught me how layout, punchy articles and high-quality pair of brothers who make custom suits to think differently, how to set high standards photography shot by his friends (also and teach young professionals how to and how I can be creative in this ever-evolving TanenbaumCHAT grads). dress for success. world of technology. 12 | w w w . t a n e n b a u m c h a t . o r g

13 life after tanenbaumcHat c ould we have asked for a better place To grow as people, create our own space To listen and be heard, to observe and to see H To discover who we were and who we could be. ow lucky were we to have teachers who Grade 12 students attended the Life After TanenbaumCHAT event at the Richmond Hill Country Club. The emphasis of the day is guiding students through their first steps Actually cared for us, towards life after high school. Eleven TanenbaumCHAT alumni were invited as panelists for me, for you to address the topic One Degree Many Opportunities. This gave the alumni a forum Came early for swimming to describe how career paths open up and change, and not every job comes from alumni or stayed late for b-ball one specific degree. Thanks to all of our Alumni, who graciously shared their A S S O C I AT I O N a time and knowledge. ll Gave us their time, Farewe their energy, their all. nd how lucky was I to have shared to Faculty this with you To have laughed through Members the years and cried a bit too This year, we bid farewell to two extraordinary teachers, To have studied a little, Dr. Eli Honig, Physics, and Pesia and have fun a whole lot Signer, Ivrit. Between them they To have got of our time had 59 years of teaching experience! t together all that we ought. We wish them the best of luck in their retirement. Welcom e oday life finds me a Dr. Eli Honig Pesia Signer fair distance away From you and from then, from my old home in the day, But fond memories of you will always be at my side, Heather Gutmann TanenbaumCHAT welcomes Heather Thank you so much Gutmann, who recently joined for being part of the ride. the Advancement Office as the Alumni and Campaigns associate. In her role, Itzik (Isaac) Becker Heather manages the alumni portfolio Class of 86 and directly liaises with alumni to help strengthen their connection with the school. She also plans and executes all alumni-related events, including reunions, mentorship events, Life After TanenbaumCHAT and Career Day. | 13

14 alumni A S S O C I AT I O N Gutfreund Shira Bloom Noble Hackett Altshuller Orgel Zisckind Moshe Bloom 14 | w w w . t a n e n b a u m c h a t . o r g

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15 Births Dani Ben-Dat 00 and Avi Ross 99 welcomed Rae Bessie Ben-Dat Ross n a c h e s Notes Michael Bloom 94 and Tara Bloom welcomed Shira Avigail, sister to Maya, Jonah and Gavriella Robert Bloom 00 and Rachel Bloom of Telzstone, Israel, welcomed Moshe Arye engagements Orly (Cohen) Borovitch 01 and Ilaan Borovitch welcomed Eden Daniel Berkal 96 to Jennifer Kagan Rebecca Cash 96 and David Altshuller Shery Goril 05 to Yoav Yosipovich welcomed Zev Isaac Avi, brother to Maya and Ezra Sandy Grupp 01 and Shawn Marriages alumni A S S O C I AT I O N Blankier welcomed Charlotte Dr. Judith (Schild) Weintroth 65 to Gaela Mintz Gutfreund 98 and Jay Rabbi Moshe Meirovitch welcomed their second child, Tobias (Toby) Hugo Gutfreund Tamara Winegust 05 to Moshe Lakser 03 Yasher Koach Carrrie Hackett (Goldberg) 98 and Benjamin Hackett welcomed Hayden Shaye Hackett Sharon Orgel (Singal) 90 and David Mark Levin 06 completed his honours Orgel welcomed Aviva Esthe, sister bachelor of arts in Psychology with to Benjamin and Joshua distinction and is beginning a masters of arts in Psychology at Sigmund Freud David Shulman 89 and Dena (Weintroth) University in Vienna Shulman welcomed Lilly Alexandra Elianne Neuman 11 received the Avi Weisman 99 and Dana Weisman Governor Generals Award for highest welcomed Lev Emmett Weisman, academic standing upon graduation of brother to Roey Weisman TanenbaumCHAT Sarah Zelcer 95 and Michael Noble Mitchell Zeifman 88 was appointed welcomed Nava Aviv Zelcer Noble, sister Dean of Clinical Medicine at the to Yona Suzanne Canadian College of Naturapathic Limore (Twena) Zisckind 95 and Isaac Medicine in Toronto Zisckind welcomed Eliana Pnina } } Do you have a special occasion or some good news to share? Please keep sending us To get involved in the Alumni Association contact your announcements and photos! Heather Gutmann at 416 636 5984 ext. 333 or [emailprotected] CHATTER MAGAZINE FALL/WINTER 2011 | 15

16 LEGACY Help Us Plan GIVING TODAY For TanenbaumCHATs TOMORROW THE PRESIDENTIAL LEGACY SOCIETY, THE LEGACY GIVING PROGRAM AT TANENBAUMCHAT PROVIDES A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO ESTABLISH YOUR FUTURE SUPPORT TO THE SCHOOL BY DESIGNATING A FUTURE GIFT THROUGH A VARIETY OF TAX-DEDUCTIBLE PROVISIONS. THE BEST PART OF LEGACY GIVING IS THAT IT DOES NOT IMPOSE AN IMMEDIATE FINANCIAL OBLIGATION OR BURDEN TO YOU WITH VIRTUALLY NO COST TO YOU DURING YOUR LIFETIME. CONFIRMED LEGACY GIFTS ALLOW TANENBAUMCHAT TO DEVELOP FUTURE PROGRAMS FOR THE NEXT GENERATIONS OF TANENBAUMCHAT STUDENTS. There are many ways to make a Donors who choose to make planned gifts to TanenbaumCHAT automatically will become members Legacy Gift. The most common are: of the Presidential Legacy Society. This society enables TanenbaumCHAT to recognize and extend A GIFT IN YOUR WILL their gratitude to donors who provide for the schools future and inform us of their thoughtful intentions A CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY while they are living. A GIFT OF LIFE INSURANCE For more information on Legacy Giving, A CHARITABLE TRUST to discuss your intentions or if you are ready to make a gift, please contact: A GIFT RETIREMENT FUNDS, OF Frances Bigman, CFRE INCLUDING REGISTERED Director of Advancement RETIREMENT SAVINGS PLANS 416-636-5984 x 230 [emailprotected] (RRSPS) AND REGISTERED RETIREMENT INCOME FUNDS (RRIFS) Laurie Blake Major Gifts Manager A GIFT OF REAL ESTATE 416-636-5984 x 291 [emailprotected] 16 | w w w . t a n e n b a u m c h a t . o r g

17 The is their World classroom Your support of the Annual Fund gives them the world. annual Fund gifts directly impact every tanenbaumcHat student by providing funds that enhance the tanenbaumcHat experience. Your generous support of the Annual Fund, is greatly needed, sincerely appreciated and wisely used. To make your Annual Fund gift, either complete the attached form or donate online at thank You! and receive your electronic tax receipt instantly. Yes! I would like to support TanenbaumCHAT with a gift of: ($) _______________ per month, for 12 months ($) _______________ (single payment) Please direct my gift to: TCW TCK | Our Family of Funds: Athletics Fund Performing & Visual Arts Fund Technology Fund Jewish Programming Fund Faculty Fund Our Greatest Needs Fund Name My cheque is enclosed (payable to TanenbaumCHAT) Please charge my Visa MasterCard American Express Address Name on the Card City Prov. Postal Code Card # Expiry Tel. Email Signature Please return this form and your gift to: TanenbaumCHAT, Kimel Family Education Centre, 9600 Bathurst Street, Vaughan, ON L6A 3Z8 or TanenbaumCHAT, Wallenberg Campus, 200 Wilmington Avenue, Toronto, Ontario M3H 5J8. A tax receipt will be issued for all donations and recognized in the TanenbaumCHAT annual report. Registration/BN #129827226RR0001. | 17

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Job: Central Manufacturing Supervisor

Hobby: Jogging, Metalworking, Tai chi, Shopping, Puzzles, Rock climbing, Crocheting

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