Meloche Monnex (TD Insurance) Home Insurance Reviews (2022)

Customer Service is appalling!

by Garry Retzleff on Aug 9, 2022

2 out of 5 stars

What happened to your customer service? I had an automobile claim a few years ago and had excellent customer service. This year I simply tried to pay my annual home insurance premium by phone and gave up after two tries. Whoever is in charge of your customer service should be fired! Unless I can actually talk to an agent the next time I contact you I will definitely change to another insurance company next year. I am appalled at how your customer service has collapsed!

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Phone wait times

Charged for insurance I did not require

by Sandra Malo on Apr 30, 2022

1 out of 5 stars

I paid my insurance yearly. When prices increased I changed to an alternate insurance company. I received notices that my insurance would be cancelled due to non-payment - a perfect idea as I did not want to renew. A year later they sent me to collections saying I owed for 2 months of insurance I never requested. Despite repeated calls, the issue was never resolved. This must be how this company makes extra money - charging ex-clientele for services they did not request.

Review topics

Cancellation experience

Do NOT purchase insurance with TD Meloche Monnex

by M Evans on Apr 6, 2022

I was T-boned in an intersection. The guy who hit me was 100% at fault, he was arrested and charged at the scene. I wasn't sure what to do with my ruined, undrivable van. My children and I suffered broken bones, lacerations and back injuries. TD placed me on a 5-hour hold. That was the start of my nightmare dealing with TD. They offered me $1,500 for my vehicle within two days of the accident. Because an offer was made, I had to give up my rental. After months of arguing and doing 100% of the research myself, we settled on $18,900 as a value for my written-off vehicle. They told me my and my children's medication, medical appliances and physiotherapy would be covered however once receipts were submitted they stopped all communication with me. I fought for almost two years and have eventually hired a lawyer. I wasn't looking to profit off this, I just wanted to be covered for my medical expenses and vehicle, which is what insurance is for.

Review topics

Claim payout amount Legal actions

(Video) Dear TD Insurance... It's Over Between Us!

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I was 9 years customer of TD

by Unhappy customer. on Dec 10, 2021

1 out of 5 stars

9 years no claims nothing, price of the car and home insurance was going up every year. I found a great broker, and she give me a better deal. 800$ savings between car and home insurance, now TD Insurance. got me on collection agency saying insurance was not cancelled properly. Broker and I did everything they asked for, now we did a 6th-time follow-up call ( this is going on 3 months now) to see what is happening. They told us we didn't include policy number, we did us they asked for policy number as subject, policy number included in the email, and policy number on cancellation note. Today we are sending the 7th email to cancel the insurance policy with ignorant TD. Customer service only can say there is nothing I can do, just send us documents again, and include the policy number.

Review topics

Cancellation experience Rates at renewal

World’s biggest cheats

by Honest Customer on Aug 9, 2021

(Video) Review Your Insurance Policy Immediately | Flood Update

1 out of 5 stars

They played us around for 8 months for a washroom leak situation.
Took advantage of every loophole possible: months ling wait, deceitful techniques of up charging for work, not paying contractor payments, rude behaviour.

Review topics

Claim processing time

Incompetent, Expensive, Inept

by Chase on May 31, 2021

Here you will find yourself wasting hours of your time on hold, only to be met with agents who don't have the skills to answer even the simplest of questions. Constantly watering their un-printable decision tree, the agents are no more than data entry clerks. If an agent can't plug your vehicle/assets/etc. into a drop-down menu, then they're completely lost as to how to insurance works. In 1969 we put a man on the moon, but in 2021 TD Insurance can't figure out how to properly price depreciation.

You'll overpay, and when you have a potential claim, good luck getting any answers on what the effects will be to your premiums. Be prepared to wait on hold for over an hour, any time you call.

I'm not sure of a time I've ever had a worse customer service experience.

Review topics

Agent/rep knowledge On-hold times/transfers Rates competitiveness

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Up Selling

by Not Happy on May 29, 2021

2 out of 5 stars

I've been with Meloche Monnex for 30 years. Since TD Bank bought out Meloche, it is like dealing with a low-end insurance company.
This year's renewal, all of sudden they gave you a hundred pages of policy listing what they do not cover including theft and attempting theft.
Yet most critical info about dwelling amount is not given to clients.

Called their customer service, waited for 2 hours to get answered. Very poor customer service.

The agent was trying to sell your policy saying this and that not included.
On top, for the same house, their record can be changed that you do not have certain items. A tactic that TD has to pay the occurrence.

Agents are not pleasant to speak to. One agent just hangs up on me when I ask for clarification of the policy.

Review topics

Agent/rep attitude Phone wait times Renewal experience

(Video) 2020 TD Insurance Meloche Monnex Fellow, Miruna Timotin of New Brunswick Community College

Horrible Insurance Company

by Brian J on May 12, 2021

1 out of 5 stars

Do not give TD Insurance your business, I've never experienced such horrible customer service. Just complete disrespect to the paying customer, the executives at this company are greedy.
The wait times are mind-boggling, to the point where it's approaching 2 hours on hold and you just give up. It's like this every time you call, the worst wait times I've ever experienced any company in any industry.

On my car insurance they also somehow put my sister's accident on my policy and had overcharged me a total of $900 before I caught it. I had to battle with them to get them to admit it was their fault and to give me a refund, but they would only give $300. They literally stole $600 from me in my opinion, what a bunch of scumbags.

Complete joke of an insurance company. STAY AWAY!

Review topics

Billing/payments Phone wait times

5 Hours on the phone

by Insurgatory on May 9, 2021

1 out of 5 stars

Back and forth to agents, cut off, having to start over and over again in the queue. I'm not exaggerating: It took 2 hours to speak with an agent who then spent over 3 hours to set up a policy. He would ask one question then put me on hold for 30 minutes then repeat, repeat.

After I gave the agent my banking information, the agent said I would receive an email within an hour with my policy info. It's been three days and nothing. I have no actual proof of policy. I tried setting up an account online, but I don't exist in their system.

So, TD, do I have a policy or not? I guess I can look forward to another entire day of my life on the phone to find out.

And the music! The same horrible music played over and over again endlessly I wanted to blow my brains out....

Why is there no option for Zero Star rating?

Review topics

New purchase experience Phone wait times

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Long wait times

by Laura Giacomelli on Apr 26, 2021

1 out of 5 stars

Phone disconnects. Not able to email or have a callback. Chat line does not help only sends a phone number to call (same number).

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