Toronto Pearson Airport | Luggage Storage Guide 2020 (2022)

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Toronto Pearson Airport is not only the largest and busiest airport in Canada, but it’s also the second busiest airport in all of North America. Pearson airport prides itself on the transborder crossing to the USA. Connecting travelers can go through screening and immigration on Canadian soil and arrive at the local gates in the US. This is great for connecting flights and avoids the massive passport-control lineups at US airports.

Over 50 million travelers fly to the Toronto Pearson International Airport every year As recorded last time in 2019 the number of travelers was around 51.5 million, The airport has very good connectivity with international destinations as well as domestic cities in Canada. with more than 30 airlines flying to 180+ destinations around the globe. As it is the main airport in Canada there are a number of popular airlines flying to the airport including Air Canada & Emirates. You can find the list of airlines and destinations on Wiki or the Official website of the airport.

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The airport was officially renamed Lester B. Pearson International Airport in 1984. The Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) assumed management, operation, and control of the airport in 1996. The Toronto Pearson Airport has 5 active runways and two terminals (terminal 1 and terminal 3) there was 1 more terminal which is terminal 2 but currently, it is not active. Terminal 1 Toronto Pearson Airport is considered the largest terminal in Canada.

Luggage Storage at Toronto Pearson Airport

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Most connecting flights to other Canadian cities fly through Pearson, so it is no surprise that most layovers are made through the airport. We always preach lighter travel that makes for travel better and more fun, and for that reason, you may want to store your bags at Pearson Airport before you launch on your next-day layover in Montreal.

If that is not the case, then you are not at Toronto Pearson Airport for non-other than exploring Canada’s most popular and busiest city. And you’re on your way to visit some of the well-known attractions such as CN Tower, ROM, and more. But, to enjoy your trip without having luggage worries you need to leave your luggage, and for that specific reason, you’re looking for luggage storage. Well, don’t worry, there are several great storage options available near the airport and all over Toronto.

If you are already at the airport, then the Excess Baggage Company offers luggage storage at Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 1 (Before security, domestic Arrivals every day from 5:00 am to 1:00 am) and offers luggage storage at Toronto Pearson Airport Terminal 3 before security, check-in, every day from 5:00 am to 12:00 am.

Luggage storage prices

Excess Luggage Pearson Airport’s luggage storage prices range from $10-$12.50/item for the first 24 hours and $22.50/item up to 48 hours, any additional day is $7.50. For more info refer to HERE.

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  • Stasher
  • Nannybag
  • Others

We recommend dropping your bags off with your preferred storage provider at a location that is close and most accessible to you for an easy process. Storing luggage using their service is recommended because it offers low prices with free cancellation as well as insurance. It costs around $1-3 per hour or $5-10 per item for 24 hours to store your luggage with these brands. So if you want to enjoy a luggage-free vacation in Toronto, Canada, make sure you drop your luggage off to do so.

Airport Code, Location, And other details

Airport Name & Code: YYZ ( Pearson International Airport)
Address: 6301 Silver Dart Dr, Mississauga, ON L5P 1B2, Canada
Contact: +1 416 247 7678

For lost & found support visit the office in terminal 1 to report your lost items. Office Timing: Monday – Saturday: 9:00 am to 7:00 pm, You can also file a report online using the submission form on the official website of Pearson Airport Lost & found department securely store lost items for 30 days.

Note: These details are taken from the official website of the airport authority you can only use these to get help & support from the management.

How do I get to the airport?

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Toronto Pearson Airport is located at a distance of 25 miles (around 40 km) from Downtown, Toronto. It will take almost 30-50 minutes to get to the airport. these are the best ways to reach.

By Train: The Union Express famously known as UP Express departs from both Union Station and Toronto Pearson Airport every 15 minutes. it will take around 25-30 minutes to reach and it costs between $12-25 CAD.

Taxi or Car: Taxi and Car rental services are also available. and you will be charged anywhere between $80-150.

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What to expect?

This airport is one of the best airports in Canada here you will find everything you need. There are a number of restaurants offering world-class and delicious foods. Visit LEE Kitchen by Susur Lee, located near gates E73, terminal 1. Visit Vinifera, fresh Mediterranean near Gate C32, terminal. both restaurants are well-known at the airport.

There are some fashion stores also available. Gucci Shop terminal 1 is located near gate E76, And you can find some of the famous fashion stores in terminal 3 as well. So you can get the latest and trending clothes for yourself.

Toronto Pearson Airport | Luggage Storage Guide 2020 (4)

The airport also offers nursing and medical services, Not feeling well visit Appletree medical center terminal 1 to get advice from doctors. Reception is staffed from 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM, there is also a pharmacy shop in terminal 1, Opening time: 6:00 AM- 10:00 PM.

ICE provides currency exchange services and counters are available in both terminals. if you are traveling for the first time then check rates before going to the counter. ATMs are always open at the airport. A car Parking facility is also available and it costs $4 CAD Per hour and increases up to $50 for the entire day.

How to spend your time?

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Toronto Pearson International airport has dozens of lounges, Premium lounges are located near E77 terminal one. There are also Air Canada’s Maple leaf lounges located near Transborder Departures Terminal 1. Also, you can hit the gym and do your normal exercise to get a better travel experience with positive energy. Stay connected with your family or friends with high-speed Wi-Fi or complete your projects, there are a number of charging points where you can recharge your devices such as laptops, mobile, wireless airphones, etc.

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If you have too much time definitely visit one of the Мuseums or other places near the airport. visiting places near the airport will definitely take your travel experience to the next level. However come back on time (at least before 1 hour) so that you can get your Luggage and Backpacks, make it through a security check-up and board your flight.

3 Best hotels near the airport

Toronto Pearson Airport | Luggage Storage Guide 2020 (6)

Hilton Toronto Airport Hotel & Suites: 1.9 km away from the airport. takes 5-10 minutes to reach, Budget 4-star hotel. 4.2 average ratings, prices start at $80 per night.

Comfort Inn: Best budget hotel near the airport, located at a distance of 1.5 km from the airport, 3.7 average ratings, starting price $60 per night only.

Sheraton Gateway Hotel: Ranked no 1 in luxury stays, provides quality services. 1 km away from the Pearson airport, 4.3 average ratings, starting price $220 per night.

What do travelers say about the airport & services?

Airport management performed very well in 2019 there are millions of travelers enjoyed flying to the Pearson International Airport. All services were very good as recently recorded in 2019, But on TripAdvisor reviews, we found that there are a number of travelers who are not happy with Air Canada services,

And overall rating for Toronto Pearson International Airport is (Excellent in Performance & Services) But still services quality should be improved by the authority as we found on Google reviews 3.7 out 5 from 10k travelers, However, travelers rated terminal 1, 4.3 out 5 and terminal 3, 3.8 which is still good.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can You sleep at Toronto Pearson Airport?

Yes, Travelers are allowed to take rest and sleep at the airport and sleep pods and chairs are available.

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Q: What is the difference between terminal 1 and terminal 3 at Pearson airport?

Terminal 1 was picked up from the ground level But Terminal 3 is from the arrivals level, otherways there is no major difference between terminal 1 and terminal 3 at Pearson International Airport.

Q: What is there to do at Person Airport?

There are a lot of things to enjoy or pass time, you can go shopping, and visit restaurants. You can also visit the gym center & art gallery.

Q: Is YYZ open for 24 hours?

Yes, Technically it is open for 24 hours for ongoing operations.

Q: How much does an airport lounge cost?

Pay per use costs between $30-80 dollars.

Q: Who owns Toronto Pearson Airport?

(Video) Plaza Premium Lounge Review | International Terminal 1 Toronto Pearson

Greater Toronto Airports Authority (GTAA) is the operator of Toronto Pearson International Airport.


Can I keep my luggage at Toronto airport? ›

Baggage storage in the Toronto Pearson Airport is run by Excess Baggage Company and available in Terminal 1 outside of security on Level 1 Arrivals. You can find it near Tim Hortons. Hours: 24 Hours.

Does Pearson have lockers? ›

Luggage Storage

Bag storage is available at Pearson Airport in the Domestic Arrivals area of Terminal 1. The Excess Baggage Company is open daily from 5am to 9pm.

Can I keep my luggage at the airport? ›

For an affordable convenience fee, you can leave your airport at a temporary storage facility. This 24/7 facility is located at the airport connect building, Terminal-3. Both Domestic and International passengers can utilise it for a few hours or up to a maximum of 30 days.

Where are the sleep pods in Toronto airport? ›

The short answer is that yes you can sleep in the airport, there is an area at the airport, in the departures level of Terminal 1 called "Lounge 15" where people report that it's possible to sleep, security will question you but if you have proof that you have a reason to be there (travel documents) then they will ...

Can family go into Pearson Airport? ›

When your friends and family arrive at Pearson Airport, you can be right there to greet them. Wait in the free Pearson cell phone lot for quick pickups, or park in one of our convenient lots. Learn more about picking up and dropping off passengers at Pearson.

How do I contact Pearson Airport? ›

Our Customer Service Team is available 24 hours at 416-AIRPORT (416-247-7678) or toll free at 1-866-207-1690.

How do I get to downtown Toronto from the airport? ›

Union Pearson Express runs from Pearson Airport to Union Station in downtown Toronto in just 25 minutes. Adult one-way fare from Pearson to Union is $12.35. Youth and Post-Secondary students save 40% off standard adult fare when using PRESTO.

How long can I leave my luggage at the airport? ›

If the airline can't find the owner of the unclaimed baggage, it will usually stay at the lost property department for about five days. After that, it's sent to a warehouse, where it's kept for another 60 days in case the owner shows up.

Where do you store your luggage when traveling? ›

Here are the most common options you have to leave your luggage while traveling:
  • Lockers at transit stations. ...
  • Check with a local hotel. ...
  • Luggage store services. ...
  • Cloakrooms of museums or galleries you're visiting. ...
  • Ask your host. ...
  • Price. ...
  • Location. ...
  • Locker sizes.
23 Jun 2022

What is left luggage room? ›

Left luggage is used to refer to luggage that people leave at a special place in a railway station or an airport, and which they collect later.

How much does a sleep pod cost? ›

Of course, luxury designs come with a high price tag. While most nap pod companies encourage customers to contact them for a quote, a single nap pod can cost between9 $8,000 and $12,000.

Does Toronto Pearson have sleeping pods? ›

Sleeping in Toronto Pearson Airport

Travellers particularly like the designated rest zone in Terminal 1 (Landside), as well as the free sleep pods and Muskoka chairs scattered throughout the airport. Common complaints are cold temps and noise, so bring an extra layer and earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

Can economy class use the lounge? ›

Airport lounges are no longer just for first and business class travellers. That's right, nowadays even if you are flying economy and have absolutely no airline loyalty, you can pay to enter a new style of pay-per-use lounges.

Do I need a Covid test to enter Pearson Airport? ›

As of April 1, 2022, fully vaccinated travellers no longer need to provide a pre-entry COVID-19 test result to enter Canada.

How early should you arrive at Pearson Airport? ›

For departures, it's widespread knowledge that you should arrive at least three hours in advance for US and international destinations, and two hours in advance for domestic flights.

How early should I be at the airport YYZ? ›

If you're travelling during a busy time, please show up at least 3 hours in advance for flights to the US and international destinations, and at least 2 hours in advance for flights within Canada.

Why is Toronto called YYZ? ›

(C) YYZ – Toronto Pearson International Airport

As for the 'YZ' part, that dates all the way back to the Morse Code railway stations along the Canadian National Railway, which had two-letter identifiers. The code for the station in Malton, Ontario, was YZ, which is where Pearson sits today—hence YYZ.

What time does Toronto Pearson security open? ›

Pre-board security screening for departures to the U.S. at Toronto-Pearson opens to passengers at 4:15 AM.

Which terminal is WestJet at Pearson? ›

WestJet uses Terminal 3 at Toronto Pearson Airport. In some cases this terminal can change, check the terminal with your airline.

How much is an Uber from Pearson to downtown Toronto? ›

Transfer comparison
TransportTravel timeCost
Taxi30 Min.CA$ 60‑75
Private Shuttle30 Min.CA$ 95
Uber30 Min.CA$ 65‑150
Lyft30 Min.CA$ 40‑160
3 more rows

How much does a taxi cost from Toronto airport to downtown? ›

The standard fare to downtown Toronto vary from $50 up to $85. We recommend to ask the taxi driver prior leaving the terminal. Fuel surcharge is 4$ since 2022. *fares may change without prior notice.

Is Uber allowed at Pearson? ›

For uberX and XL pickups: Once you accept a trip request, the pickup location at Toronto Pearson is located at: Terminal 1: Ground Level, Door Q (Inner Curb) Terminal 3: Arrivals Level, Zone 3 (Outer Curb)

Can you check bags early and leave airport? ›

For flights within the U.S., as well as most international flights, baggage will generally not be accepted for check-in more than four hours before a scheduled flight departure, although this policy varies by airport and daily check-in counter hours.

How early can you check bags for a flight? ›

You can check-in online or from the app starting 24 hours before and up to 45 minutes before departure (90 for international). To check-in and check bags at the airport, you must be there a certain amount of time before scheduled departure: Within the U.S. – 45 minutes.

What happens to luggage left at airport? ›

Unclaimed baggage left at the airport is ultimately auctioned or sold at a lost luggage store like the mega-center in Scottsboro, Alabama. Only there's one catch, sometimes it isn't abandoned or unclaimed luggage that ends up there – it may be your lost luggage.

Will a hotel hold my luggage if I'm not staying there? ›

Travelers often ask, “Will a hotel hold my luggage even if I'm not staying there?” The answer is usually “yes.” Hotel bellhops will often agree to store your luggage for a tip.

How do you store luggage for a few hours? ›

Use Luggage Storage or Delivery at Airports

Most airports have a luggage storage facility or service. You can check bags into the storage center and leave them any length of time, from a few hours to several days. Time limits and fees vary from airport to airport and some have size restrictions.

How long luggage does may be stored in the storage? ›

If the luggage is not collected 30 days after the last day of storage according to Clause 4, the Storage Provider may deem the luggage abandoned, sell it to pay for outstanding storage fees, and hold the balance (minus reasonable costs of sale) for the Storer, or otherwise dispose of the luggage as they see fit.

What is the left luggage procedure? ›

The procedure for handling left luggage is:
  1. The Bell Captain confirms whether the guest has settled his hotel bill with the front office cashier.
  2. The Bell Captain inspects the baggage and brings to the notice of the guest a pre-existing damage (if any). ...
  3. The Bell Captain enters these details in the Left Luggage Register.
3 Mar 2016

How do you make a left luggage tag? ›

Verify Below details on the left luggage tag:
  1. Check the room number on the check-in tag.
  2. Identify wing/building/floor as per the tag colour.
  3. Room number (if checking out, it is the room number that they have checked-out).
  4. Date of check-out/ check-in.
  5. The number of pieces being stored.
17 Jul 2018

What is scanty baggage? ›

Scanty Baggage. A guest who checks in to the hotel with very less or no luggage. Scanty baggage means no baggage or a piece of light baggage consisting of briefcase or airbag.

Do airport have rooms to sleep? ›

Some offer nap seats with a cover while others offer full sleeping pods. Small sleep pods usually feature a reading light, internet access, outlets, and a luggage compartment. Larger airport pods may include a workspace, private bathroom, and TV. Many airports offer many different kinds of sleeping pods.

Where can I nap at an airport? ›

In most airports, you have to two options: sleeping on the bench seating, or taking to the floor. You may need to explore a few gates or terminals to find the right spot. The best bet would be armrest-free rows of seating or recliners you can stretch out on.

Can you sleep in the airport overnight? ›

However, for most airports, airline employees are used to seeing passengers spend the night or catch a few hours of shut-eye before their next flight. So, while it may not be encouraged, it's typically not against the rules to sleep in an airport as long as you're not disturbing anyone or blocking walkways.

Does Toronto airport have showers? ›

If you have access to Air Canada's Maple Leaf Lounges, they have showers in all lounges (domestic, international and trans-border). You can also get a "day rate" at the Sheraton Gateway hotel attached to Term. #3, check their site or call for more details.

How do I get into the airport Premium lounge? ›

Tricks to Get Access to the Best Airport Lounges Around the World
  1. Try Pay-per-Use Lounges. ...
  2. Join Independent Lounge Networks. ...
  3. Sign up for Frequent Flyer Programs. ...
  4. Use Credit Card Privileges. ...
  5. Request for a Free Upgrade.
11 Sept 2017

Does Toronto airport have a transit hotel? ›

Transit zone at Alt Hotel Toronto Airport

Alt Hotel Toronto Airport is the perfect stop for travellers transiting through Pearson International Airport. Travel stress-free and avoid traffic woes by staying onsite right near your flight. The hotel is accessible via the airport terminal link train.

How do I get free airport lounge? ›

How To Avail Airport Lounge Access For Free Without Credit Card
  1. Airport Lounge Is So Comfortable! ...
  2. Here's How You Can Avail Airport Lounge Access For Free!
  3. Fly First-Class. ...
  4. Ask The Business Class Flyers. ...
  5. Priority Pass Membership Is A Saviour. ...
  6. Be A Frequent Passenger.
23 Jun 2022

Is it worth paying for airport lounge? ›

They often offer free snacks and other food choices, plus drinks, including alcoholic beverages. These food and drink offerings come at no extra cost to you. An airport lounge is a good stop if you're feeling hungry before boarding the plane and don't want to overpay for a meal.

Is food free in airport lounges? ›

Lounges are often filled with complimentary amenities such as premium food and snacks, fully stocked bars, modern shower facilities, fast WiFi, plentiful power outlets and secure business centers.

How much is a luggage bag at the airport? ›

Airline baggage fees
Baggage categoryFeeMax Size (L+W+H)
First checked bag$3062"
Second checked bag$4562"
Third checked bag$150+62"
Fourth(+) checked bag$200+62"
6 more rows

What do you have to take out of your bag at airport security? ›

Remove the 3-1-1 liquids bag and place it in the bin. Ensure pockets are empty (keys, tissues, currency, wallets, cell phones, etc.) and remove bulky jewelry (valuable items can be placed in carry-on). Remove your shoes and place them directly on the X-ray belt.

Can you pay for your bags at the airport? ›

You can pay your checked-bag fee online when purchasing your ticket or during the online check-in process. Or, you can pay for your bag at an American Airlines kiosk or service desk at the airport. Some ticket counters accept cash, but be prepared to pay with a card if necessary.

What is allowed in airport hand luggage? ›

containers should be in a single, transparent, resealable plastic bag, which holds no more than a litre and measures around 20cm by 20cm. contents must fit comfortably inside the bag so it can be sealed. the bag must not be knotted or tied at the top. you're limited to one plastic bag per person.

How much does 1 kg of excess baggage cost? ›

Domestic. Should your baggage exceed the limitations of the Free Baggage allowance, an excess baggage charge needs to be paid. For Domestic sectors within India, the excess baggage rate is INR 600 plus applicable GST per kg. per coupon .

Can I take 2 bags as checked luggage? ›

For Economy passengers with two pieces of luggage, the total combined dimensions (length + breadth + height) of both pieces should not exceed 273cm (107 inches). Also the linear dimension of each piece should not exceed 62 inches. The weight of each bag must not exceed 23 Kgs or 50 pounds.

How many bags can you take on a plane for free? ›

Most travelers can bring one full-size carry-on bag and one personal item on their flight for free. However, there are exceptions, including for customers traveling on Basic Economy tickets. Learn more about carry-on bags.

Do you have to take out your laptop charger at the airport? ›

Chargers and cables for electronic devices don't need to be removed from your carry-on when going through airport security. That said, they do clutter the x-ray images a lot, so unless you've packed just a few chargers in there, the TSA agents might ask you to remove them from the bag and place them in a separate bin.

Where do you put your money when going through airport security? ›

If you have to take cash, keep it in a carry on bag. Never put your cash, financial instruments, or precious metals in a checked bag. Keep your cash and other valuables out of public view. Keep your baggage and belongings in sight when passing through a security checkpoint.

Why do you have to take your shoes off at the airport? ›

TSA's protocols require that passengers remove their shoes so they can be screened through an X-ray machine. This stems from an incident in December 2001 when a terrorist attempted to detonate an explosive device in his shoe while onboard a flight from Europe to the United States.

Is it better to pay for baggage online or at the airport? ›

However, if you simply cannot do without your checked luggage, try to pay for the bag online, as it is typically much cheaper to purchase your bag on the airline's website rather than pay up front at the check-in counter.

Does a backpack count as a personal item? ›

The short answer: Yes, a backpack is generally considered a personal item if it fits under the seat in front of you. Most airlines offer a few examples of things that fit into the “personal item” category, such as a purse, laptop bag, or a briefcase, but they don't usually include “backpack” on those lists.

How do I get a free checked bag? ›

  1. Fly with Airlines that Don't Charge for Checked Baggage. ...
  2. Earn Elite Status with an Airline. ...
  3. Choose the Right Airline Credit Card. ...
  4. Choose a Travel Card with an Airline Fee Credit. ...
  5. Avoid Basic Economy. ...
  6. Pack Light and Don't Check a Bag.
21 Apr 2022

Can I carry 2 bags in hand luggage? ›

In a letter to the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS), the CISF's IG for airports has written that as per rules framed by the former, “no passenger should be permitted to carry more than one hand bag. It has been seen that passengers on an average carry two or three hand bags to the screening point.

Does toothpaste count as a liquid? ›

Each passenger is limited to one quart-size bag of liquids, gels and aerosols. Common travel items that must comply with the 3-1-1 liquids rule include toothpaste, shampoo, conditioner, mouthwash and lotion.

Can I carry perfume in hand luggage? ›

Perfume upto 100 ml can be carried in hand baggage. is it same for domestic flights ? same rule for check in bag too ? As advised, 100 ml can be carried in hand baggage for all flights.


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